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About Us

Sheep milk products have long been a staple of the Mediterranean healthy diet, so when our family immigrated to Canada 30 years ago, it came as a surprise to not see sheep milk products offered at grocery stores.

After not finding sheep milk in grocery stores, we began trying cow milk products. However, our lack of digestibility of cow milk products came as another surprise. We discovered that we are lactose intolerant. This meant that we could not drink cow milk.

We later discovered that we were not alone and that 70% of the world's population just can't drink cow milk or eat cow milk products. We began to research the difference between sheep milk and cow milk and what we found was stunning.

We found that sheep milk offers superior digestibility due to several factors including having smaller fat globules, having more medium chain triglycerides, and having a weaker forming curd strength.

We also found that sheep milk is more nutritious; containing almost twice as much protein as cow milk, much higher concentrations of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, and much higher amounts of vitamins and folic acid. We also found sheep milk to be creamier and tastier due to having more mono and poly unsaturated fats.

We then raised a dairy sheep flock and began to enjoy sheep milk products again. Over the years, the sheep flock grew in number and the milk volumes increased so then we thought why not bring these farm fresh products to other peoples' homes to enjoy. We wanted to share our passion for sheep milk and can now offer this as a healthy and delicious choice for everyone to enjoy.