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Upcoming Farm Tour Dates

To Be Announced

Here at OVINO we are committed to educating our youth and believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn that our food is produced on a farm and is not just a product at the local grocery store. Our goal is to make sure that your trip to our farm is a good learning experience where you will have fun and build memories that will hopefully last forever!

Free Farm Tours!

OVINO offers free farm tours on certain days of the year. Although the farm tours are free of charge, we ask people interested in coming to the farm tour to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more event details and registration which can be made on our Facebook page.

So Soft and Wooly!

On this tour you can stroll through the lamb nursery, say hello to our 300 little lambs and take your time petting them!

On this tour you'll even find opportunities to hold lambs and get that selfie you've always wanted!

Farm Fresh Milk

You will learn how our milk gets from our farm to your table and can view through the large glass doors the rotary milking parlour and milk processing room.

Discover Sheep Milk

As part of the tour, you will get treated with a taste sample of the richest and freshest milk in Ontario!

Unlike goat milk, sheep milk is very similar to cow milk in taste but is creamier and sweeter. It is the perfect alternative for people with lactose intolerance. Sheep milk is 100% A2 milk! Sheep milk also has almost double the nutrition of cow milk!

Once you sample the sheep milk products you can buy the most delicious milk, yogurt, and cheese straight from the source!