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Why Sheep Milk?

Easy to Digest

Sheep milk products are the perfect healthy alternative to cow milk products. This can be attributed to sheep milk being naturally A2 and lactose-friendly. Digestibility is one of our products’ greatest strengths leading to happy customers.


Our delicious probiotic yogurt and kefir are packed with gut-friendly active cultures to promote healthy digestion and balance. The natural balance of gut bacteria is essential for good nutrition, proper immune system function, and even weight management. Ovino products are also very nutritious because they are made with only real ingredients. These core ingredients are then packed with probiotic cultures that promote digestive health.


Sheep milk products are considered superfoods and are a staple in Mediterranean and East European diets. Ovino products are a complete source of protein, offering all 20 essential amino acids needed by the human body. Studies have shown that sheep milk has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Compared to cow milk, sheep milk products have almost double the protein, minerals, and vitamins!

Taste the Difference

Unlike goat milk, sheep milk products are similar to cow milk products in flavour while being naturally creamier and sweeter. Sheep kefir and yogurt are naturally thicker than cow and goat due to the higher solid content in sheep milk. Feta, made from sheep milk, has a rich and creamy flavour which is truly unique. The flavours and texture of our sheep milk products are appealing, and their composition has been very carefully developed to please every palate. We hope you will enjoy!