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Why Sheep Milk?

Milk that's easier to digest

Many people cannot drink cow milk without having digestion issues or an upset stomach due to lactose intolerance or due to the A1 protein.

Sheep milk is the perfect alternative for those who want to enjoy the great benefits of drinking milk again without having any digestion problems! Sheep milk is
lactose friendly and is 100% A2 milk.

Almost double the nutrition of cow milk

Sheep milk is nature’s super milk! When compared to cow milk, it has almost double the protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Sheep milk is diverse in its protein composition as it contains all the essential amino acids, providing the body with what it needs in terms of protein and completing a
healthy diet.

Milk that is faster to digest

Sheep milk also differs from cow milk as it has greater number of short and medium chain fatty acids, whereas cow milk contains a greater amount of long-chain fatty acids, contributing to longer digestion time and discomfort.

While it takes 4 hours to digest a cup of cow milk, it takes less than 1 hour to digest a cup of sheep milk! So it is much easier on the stomach.

Simply Delicious!

Sheep milk is delicious and unlike goat milk has no smell or tangy flavor. Sheep milk is similar to cow milk except it is creamier and sweeter.

How do you like your milk? A cold glass in the morning? In a smoothie or alongside your favorite cereal? Sheep milk has a delicious rich and creamy flavor that complements any recipe involving milk!